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What if I wanted to see what REAL daylilies look like?

15 years ago

I absolutely love my daylilies, but mine just don't have the colors that most of you have. Teeth are almost non-existant, as are watermarks and blue shades. I am convinced that it has something to due with the cool summer days and cooler summer nights here in the Pacific Northwest.

My mother is a DL junkie as well, and we have been talking about treating ourselves to a mini-vacation next year. We think that it would be fun to go somewhere where we could tour DL gardens and see in person what the blooms are REALLY supposed to look like.

I have two questions for those of you lucky enough to live in prime daylily country.

1. Where would be the best place to go to if we wanted to spend three or so days and be able to take in as many DL viewing opportunities as possible? Are there certain display gardens that people have visited that they feel would be a "must see"?

2. Would late June be a good time to tour DL gardens? Our bloom is just starting then, but from the pics I have seen on this forum, it seems like it is well underway in warmer climates by that time.

Any input anyone has would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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