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Harvesting chestnuts question re: squirrels

9 years ago

I have two (Chinese, I think) chestnut trees in my backyard that I recently moved into in Indiana.

It's around harvest time and the squirrels are going crazy. I recently went outside and found a lot of chestnuts on the ground that were already out of their husk. The squirrels must have dropped them on accident. This is my guess because a few fell while I was picking up the others and I could hear the squirrels scampering above me.

Are these safe to eat since presumably a squirrel's paws (and possibly mouth, although I checked for bite marks and didn't find any) have been on them. If not, will roasting/cooking them make them safe?

I picked up a bunch of the ones in the husks still and I plan to extract them, but I'm just wondering about the others.


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