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Who Moved In?

14 years ago


Im a long time lurker and fan of this forum. I love and appreciate all the vast knolwedge here along with all the entertainment (Ken, I love your posts=). I was forced into gardening about 8 yrs ago, by an over zealous neighbor, and caught the hosta bug about 5 yrs ago. I have about 60 different kinds, none of which are too hard to find. Last year, I ALMOST worked up the courage to post some pics of a few of my hostas, but chickened out...why, Im not sure. Anyway, while raking away needles from a pine tree to give some little eyes some sun, I noticed someone has moved into my yard. My daughter took a pic of the hole with a tennis ball next to it. The pic is a bit deceiving> The hole circumference is at least 5 inches, and dug in at an angle.It sort of looks like a tunnel. Do any of you have any idea what could be inside there? Im in zone 5, west of Milwaukee. Thanks!!

Here is a link that might be useful: hole

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