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applesauce exhausted out top, but sealed......

16 years ago

Yesterday I put up applesauce.....the first batch was perfect. But the 2nd and 3rd batch each had a jar that had applesauce coming out of the lid when I took the jars out of the water bath. They were covered by water and the headspace was 1/2". The jars sealed but I am worried about the food being ok to store. Should I use these jars soon or even put them in the fridge, or will they be ok to keep for awhile? How could the lids seal with applesauce touching the rims of the jar?

Also, the first batch was thin but when finished looked good. The next 2 batches were thicker (like regular applesauce thickness) and have air bubbles in the applesauce. In the future, how can I get rid of the air? I gently ran a small spatula around the bottom of each jar but still have air.... Thanks, Sherrie

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