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Any surprises so far this season?

13 years ago

And by surprises, I mean pleasant ones :)

For me, lambii has put out a nice long vine, and did not react one iota to the prolonged drought that was created by me (whoops). Seriously. The leaves stayed nice and firm and the vine grew. Patella also grew a long vine (relative to its size) that it hid amongst my orchids, so I didn't see it for a while. Another long vine grower was blaschernaezii. It has two leaves. Did nothing for the longest time. And then suddenly this crazy long vine. Exciting! Paulshirleyii is putting out new growth, and on that new growth is a peduncle! It's particularly exciting, because that one has put out zero new growth since I got it. I mean zero, not even a hint. But it did bloom a couple times. Apparently it likes to bloom more than it likes to grow.

Among the other nice things happening are things that are nice because they DIDN'T happen (ahem, due to the drought that was me). I didn't lose anything, although mindorensis and stephanotis look rough. And growth doesn't seem to have been stalled for most of the hoyas. It may be helping matters that I didn't turn on the AC at all, except for a hour or two here and there, so the temps have been staying in the upper 70s and low 80s. I'm on the third floor, the heat builds up here and then won't go away. That's at the upper range of tolerance for a lot of my orchids, and I'm not sure linearis likes it much, but I think the rest of the hoyas are quite fond of the temps.

So, any surprises? Any growth you're particularly proud of?

Oh, one more... variegated obovata is about to bloom! And this time I will actually get to see it. It bloomed for the first time while I was away, I just got to see the part where the dried up flowers fell off.

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