Has anyone been able to do canning on a glass top stove?

11 years ago

I haven't canned in some years. I tested my 20 qt. canner more than half filled with water. After 30 minutes the warm tap water only got up to 140 degrees. The bottom is indented so doesn't actually touch the burner. Also I discovered it isn't a super fast stove anyway. SO I put my three pints of peaches in my 8 qt. pressure cooker with flat bottom and that boiled but I only had enough top space to keep the water about 1/2" deep. Was that enough for a safe batch? It is my tallest pot.

I've been searching for a smaller canner (I intend to only use pints). The graniteware types are marked not for use on glass tops. They have indented bottoms also. All I have found online is expensive stainless steel and often the height or diameter is not mentioned. My biggest burner is 8 inches.

I've tried searching for a pressure cooker instructions for fruit but all they say is to use a water bath. I'm about to return all the jars I bought. Even if I could buy a better stove, the better stoves are all glass top and my problem wouldn't be solved. I'd really appreciate your comments

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