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Looking for Hosta with Specific Characteristics---Can you Help?

When thinking about ordering hosta, I asked myself "what kind of hosta am I really looking for?" "What kind of hosta do I find the most appealing?" Here's what I came up with:

My ideal hosta would:

(1) be medium to extra large sized
(2) have large leaves
(3) grow to a beautiful symmetrical shape like Earth Angel
(4) be variegated (preferably, but not absolutely necessary)
(5) have slug resistance
(6) keep a consistent coloring all season
(7) have a moderate or better growth rate

Can you think of any hostas like that?

I just had to ask those of you who have so many more hosta than I do and have so much more experience. I am obsessing about this and I know that, for me, the best thing would be to JUST ASK and then I can just get on with things!

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