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Catch up in the garden.

13 years ago

As of now the last garden chores before winter are to redo afew markers that need redoing as they are getting faint. I redid most as I went along moving them this summer so that I would not have to do them later but at the end got sloppy and left some. I should get to that tomorrow.

Still lots of mulching left to do although I have been doing mulching. Whatever I decided to do with straw I started and will be getting bags of fall leaves to stread around also but its too early here, none to be had yet.

We still have not had a frost here which is fine by me. But its been either cold, rainy or windy these past two weeks and only today did we have a nice sunny day. Cool but much better than it has been lately.

I have gotten the last of everything planted that had been sitting around. Like 2 potted roses and all the daffodil bulbs. I am really glad that I did not buy more bulbs. Not that I don't love the look in the spring, I just didn't feel up to planting more this fall. I will have to do better next year but at least these will brighten things up in early spring.

I also put some Belgium Blocks around the first tier of Tall Bearded Iris that I had planted out in front. When I dropped the blocks there meaning to fix it in the summer but didn't get to it until fall. It looks good and means I can build upon that and put another tier of iris. I still have some I want to move from my Tower Square Garden. Will be doing that come spring. Will also be working on finishing that Tall Bearded iris row in the backyard come spring.

I really am trying to have less to do in spring than usual but less doesn't mean I don't have lots of work still needs doing come late March and early April. Just as long as I don't have to do much all summer long, I will be happy.

Another thing done here is that those REALLY BIG rocks that have sat around here forever got carted away and that makes me so happy. I found a guy here locally that wanted them but had to wait until he could arrange for a friend with a truck and a forklift but they showed up today and loaded those rocks. They are gone from here and all I can think of its HURRAH!!!!!

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