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Freeze warning,still planting spring bulbs and chat

Julia WV (6b)
10 years ago

We are expected to have a possible freeze tonight as temps by morning may reach 25 degrees F. I actually think we won't be affected but our entire area is under the warning from the weather service. Maybe a frost but we shall see.

Very windy and cold here.

I'm almost done with all the bulb planting. I did order some from Tulip World and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed with any of the bulbs. Added it to my Lowes buying spree and I got overloaded with planting. I would definitely buy from Tulip World again. Great bulbs, excellent customer service and shipped promptly. Was missing one order of daffs but they shipped that quickly.

I received 2 peonies from Gilbert Wild and they are excellent bare roots with plenty of eyes. However, I ordered 4 from Scheepers (they arrived the same day as Wild's) but very disappointed in the quality and packaging so they are going back. So with this hiccup, I've gone back to Wild and ordered additional ones from them. Hopefully they send another set of excellent bare root peonies. I know these may not bloom for a couple of years but at least I've started the growing process. I also got my order of Siberian Iris and they are in the ground near where I planted the peonies. Fingers crossed they make it through the winter.

My 2 seed pods finally ripened. The two crosses I did had 13 and 14 seeds in each pod. Both of the crosses have SPRING MYSTIQUE as the pollen parent. I do have to mention that SM is very pollen fertile. I haven't tried to set pod on it yet but next season I will. Seeds have been air dried and they are now tucked into the veggie draw along with some from last year. My daylilies look terrific with all the rain we've had. None of the dormants have died back fully yet but perhaps tomorrow will bring some of them to a close.

Have a great weekend.


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