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I can get you some Pickle Crisp

15 years ago

A store in Richmond still has Pickle Crisp available. I can buy some and mail it to anybody who wants it. It might be cheaper to buy the bulk stuff, I don't know. But I can send it for what it would cost me. The box contains three 26g packets and the stated expiration date is April 2009...I bet it would be ok to use for pickles during summer 2009 though. It costs $1.69 and has a 55-cent coupon for Pickle Crisp or other Ball canning mix (I don't think this includes canning salt). I think it would cost less than $2 to mail it first class but with the new shape-based postal rates I'm not sure.

No idea if this is useful or not, but I imagine it will just sit on the shelf until they throw it out. I was buying canning salt and as I put it up on the belt I noticed it expired in June 2008. I went back to see if they had anything better but all the containers were expired. Salt is just a rock, I don't see how it can go bad if there are no additives, so I bought it anyway.


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