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my hoya day and needing to vent

16 years ago

my wife and I went to the local collage where they sell plants 1 month a year as part of the students training and work in their greenhouse i walked was looking at the plants and look up loo and behold a hoya with over 30 blooms i immediately asked how much the girl told me it was $10.00 i said i would take it she gets it down for me and i looked no tag to tell me the type so i asked.

the girl tells me she doesnt know she would ask (a student learning and she dont know) the "instructor comes out tells me it isnt for sale then tells me its not for sale grrrr she says she has some cuttings from it can but for $10.00 ans i asked her what kind of hoya is it the instuctor tells me she doesnt know its just a hoya and didnt know there was more kinds. now im aggravated i told her how many i had (15 now ) and that i have not had my oldest bloom yet and i wanted her mother plant so bad.

the instructor then hits me with her next bomb shell she says they only bloom once every 7 years my wife almost had to pick me off the floor when i said something she said all hoyas were the same and none bloom more then that.

I had no choice now i had the buy the small basked she goes gets the small pot and its a 10 inch pot with 3 6 inch plants i asked why these wernt in a smaller one so they can be root bound the instructor( i use that word lightly ) that hoys dont like to be root bound so i asked her why the mother plant was root bound oh well the students havent had a chance to repot it yet to a bigger pot.

my wife asked about some other plants and they dont have no idea of what kind of wandering jews they are where does these places find their teacher? i still need to get the hoya i rescued identified yet but you can bet i wont be going there again anytime soon

Thanks for letting me vent


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