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Do you do canning/preserving due to health issues?

11 years ago

In the past anxiety-filled week, a very dear friend has been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Upon researching this horrible disease, I'm horrified by the mortality rates. My friend MUST make immediate diet changes and other lifestyle changes. As a friend, I want to help in the research with sodium-free cooking. My interests in canning was in huge part to be able to grow and preserve sodium and preservative free produce and such, as my personal health concerns were primarily maintaining low weight.

Any canning friends here have a restricted diet? Can you share with me any experiences in how your life has been affected? My friend also enjoys canning, particularly tomatoes. I would love some resources if anyone has any that may be helpful.

There certainly is no shortage of low-sodium recipes online. But sometimes, talking with others and what they do really helps narrow down the search. I welcome your stories and experiences.

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