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to Part III of my favorites

9 years ago

Been a busy weekend, & I finally got time to battle with Photobucket to post :)

Sabine Baur seems to be doing much better for me now, the first year I had it, we had a really wet spring & it didn't like being waterlogged. Took a year to recover & this year it did really well

San Ignatio is such a lovely pink & blooms for a really long time

Shutterbug is another great plant, nice big flowers that really attract attention

I never see anyone with Skipjack. I almost lost this one last summer to crown rot, only 1 fan survived, but it bloomed this year. I've had it for years & would have been sad to lose it

Smoky Mountain Autumn

touched by Grace looks like several others out there, but its flowers always look good

Velvet Eyes, just love the color on it

Finally, Westborne Easter Egg Hunt, always opens nicely, looked much more blue this year

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