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The Pot Ghetto from The Land Called Honalee.))))pic heavy...

Till I pot up the 22 other daylilies that are arriving on Friday (I hope) here are the 247 I have potted up thus far:

The table on the 35 year old deck (Angel underneath)

Dog side of the deck and Jack watching a squirrel

North East corner of the deck with planter of irises and DL babies

Various parts of the back yard showing the heart of the Ghetto

And Cricket had to have her picture taken too!

Chloe in her kennel cause she is in season

As you can see, everyone of them is off the ground. I have 2 male dogs who think it is their job to water my plants. They usually miss if they are off the ground even by 8 inches! The orange pots under the front row are Halloween pails from the $ store. They work great for pots too!

That's it till the end of Sept. when everyone will go in the south front garden! :)

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