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Is this suppose to be spring?

14 years ago

...feeling sorry for myself. Last week it was -15 c., 5 f. Snow is predicted for the next two weeks. This is not normal. I looked up some old pictures to compare where we were, garden wise, in other years. The results were depressing.

The one bright light is that my plants from Naylor Creek, the NW plant show purchases are all coming up. I've got them in the coolest place to slow them down since it may be AGES before they can go outside.

Notice the dates. It looks like in 06 the snow was nearly gone the first week of March. In 07 it was nearly gone by the middle of March which I thought was late. I remember cleaning the front walkway and being out in the garden mid Feb. in past years.

At the end of March last year I done a lot of clean up and by my birthday friends and I were able to sit outside.

The snowdrops bloom at the base of the walnut tree - other years as early as Feb. This years picture shows that there is still so much snow that who knows whats under there?

The shows the snow/ice that is very slowly sliding off the dining room roof. The missing bit was from early last week when my husband tried to knock it down. I'd gone for the camera when I heard the crash (the missing section). When I looked out the window he was on the ground not moving. Thankfully by the time I got outside he was sitting up and only grazed since he was trying to stand away. Scary - meanwhile it's still there. The pallet is propped up to try to keep the budha from being damaged when it does fall.

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