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Neighbors cut down trees!

17 years ago

Hello, all!

I have a recently purchased home (we moved in in October) and in talking with the neighbors on the left have learned that there are magnificent (She said "Like this big across" while holding her hands out as far as she could reach) Hosta plants lining the driveway, as well as twenty year old gardens in the backyard. The neighbors on the right of us just cut down EVERY tree on their property, leaving our formerly shady front yard and driveway at the mercy of the blazing (New Hampshire) sun. The former owner of our home bought it as a "flip" and mowed the hosta because he didn't like them sometime in September, and our left side neighbor and her mother asked if they could take some. She said thst the root systems were so big and dense that they could not dig them up.

My question is... what effect will the mowing and sunlight have on these plants? How can I help them to adjust, or should I try to move them? I have loved Hosta since childhood, my grandmother had beautiful huge plants that my sister and I could hide under.

Thanks in advance!

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