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Shy&Reclusive: Which did you think'd bloom this year, but didn't?

So, when I need to calm my brain down, I write lists that make me happy (flowers) lol and last night was surprised at how many daylilies I expected to see a bloom on and didn't (needs to get bigger or perhaps was angry at me for leaving it in a container overwinter) I guess the upside, is I still have daylilies that will be like "new" for me. :)

My list is:

Watermelon Magic

Watermelon Taffy

Tornado Bird

Winter Crown

Red-Eyed Fantasy

Peggy Jeffcoat

Quilting Circle

Sunday Sandals

Mee Ying

Bluebird Butterfly- really hope I didn't lose this one to mush

Heavenly Free Spirits

Westbourne Yodeling from a treetop

Tetrina's Daughter

What about you?

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