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Daylily Newbie Needs to be Adopted

16 years ago

I really don't know where to start this post but here goes. I am new to daylilies this year. Just like most of you I have fallen head over hills for these beautiful plants.

I think I have about 15 now and I've ordered a couple more of the inexpensive ones. I only know the names of a couple. When I first got them I didn't see the need to keep the names. I just planted them and that was it. Gee's do I have alot to learn?

Would someone on here be so kind as to adopt this grandmother and slowly teach me the ropes? This someone will need to have lots of patience as I am a very slow learner when it comes to computers.

Although I've been reading and posting things here I'm still a Newbie and just because you've been visiting a website doesn't mean you know how to do things. Trust me, I learn how to do something new on here everyday. At times I just get frustrated and give up.

A dear sweet lady told me about a site on here for Newbies to be adopted by someone. I hate to say it but I could not find it anywhere. I did find some old post about it, but they are all closed now. Do any of you know what I'm referring to? Is there anyone on this daylily forum that would be willing to adopt an Old Lady Newbie and take her by the hand and teach her about daylilys and getting around on this website?

If so please contact me either here or send me an email.

Thanks in advance,


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