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New Daylilies and Flowers Coming!!! Yay:)

So, I just have to quickly say that I had almost nil flower budget and was feeling sort of sorry for myself, because I've been trying very hard to hold myself to a higher standard of being forthright about my flower purchases rather than being vague if I knew I shouldn't have spent that much.

AND, literally all these things happened. Someone needed help and insisted that I take $$ for flowers, a check for husband's jury duty TWO YEARS ago finally came in the mail and he gave it to me for flowers because he knew I was sad about flower budget, this neat lady bought some of my extra fans for her garden....etc.

SO, I'm so excited and grateful


I got..

Aaron Brown!! SQUEEEEEE! !!! For a great price!

Backseat Debutante by Davisson. I'm curious to see this one


Buddleia "Evil Ways" , Buddleia "Miss Molly", Primula "Snowflake" (so neat!!!)

Echinacea "Maui Sunshine", and a new Epimedium that is hot pink and yellow

I love greengirl's plants on the LA and would really like "Pagan Spirit", but am undecided still :)

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