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Picking the best bare root hosta

I had an opportunity to purchase a hosta on my want list from bare root hostas offered at a garden show. I was told that the hosta seller had grown these hosta in their gardens. What I would like to know is what should I look for when purchasing bare root hostas? I kind of drew a blank when looking at all the hostas they had and wondered: should I look for one with the most roots; should the roots look a certain way; should I look for a thicker crown (as the salesperson suggested)? I have found information on how to plant these hosta and soil information, but no information about what a good bare root hosta should look like. Can you help me so I can make a better choice next time? (I must say that I really prefer to see the potted hosta rather than buying bare root. But it was a decent price and now I have pot them up and will keep them indoors and see what develops. It's fun!)

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