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Daylily companion plants? Advice please!

14 years ago

As quite a few of us are putting together new gardens this fall, I thought that I would throw the question out there as to what everyones opinions are as to the most effective companion plants for daylilies.

As much as I love my DL garden when it is blooming, I like to have something else along with the DL's to provide earlier and later color.

I have seen some lovely gardens on this forum, so I am sure that there are some good suggestions.

My best success in the front edge of the bed has been with annual begonias with the pink and red daylilies. These are not as prone to damage from the slugs that hide in the DL foilage. I tried petunias, and they were decimated. I haven't found a good middle filler, as everything that I have tried either ends up being too short and the DL's overwhelm it, or too tall and the DL's are smothered.

Thanks for any advice you can give!


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