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Repotting Catt orchids

beachlily z9a
9 years ago

Since last summer I've wanted to repot my new orchids that are in plastic pots. I have all my orchids in bark and clay and like it that way. However, kept putting it off until the orchids quit growing late in the fall and it was too late to do anything with them. Well, I added a few this year, also in plastic pots.

On Sunday I vowed I would do the deed. So the pots were cleaned and soaked and the bark went into a pail to soak. Monday morning was a bit cooler and the screen porch was shaded so the work began. Heavy scissors to cut the plastic, a pail for discards, a pail to soak the plants--what else do you need? Well, a tiny screwdriver and long-nosed tweezers were hauled out when I found the sphagnum moss was compacted on every plant. It took nearly 9 hours to repot 6 medium to large Cattleya orchids! On one plant, I could track 3 transplants that had been made from a small pot to a bigger pot. Couldn't believe the plant looked as good as it did!

After this, my attitude at orchid sales has to change. I always ignore the bare-root plants offered by many vendors, but now they seem to be a better option, at least for me. Start them right and not have to fight with them at repotting time! The orchids look good now, let's see if the changes result in more blooms next year. Fingers are crossed!

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