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Suggestions on what to plant please

Ashlie Neevel
9 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping that I could get some suggestions from all over you regarding which hostas and heuchera as well as any other shade plants you could recommend for me in my tiny garden.

I'll give you a little background information first. I live in Amsterdam Netherlands which is EU Hardiness Zone 8 which is the same as the US Hardiness Zone 8. My climate is most comparable to the coastal Pacific Northwest. Our summers are not very warm. The temperature get to about 84F for about a week then it is back to around 74. Our winters are relatively mild. We do get snow (this year not for some reason) and they are wet winters (snow or rain).

The garden that i am planning is my back yard. My house is a town house that is part of a complex that completely wraps around an inner courtyard type of thing which is our backyards. The building is 3 stories tall which doesn't let a lot of light in save for in the late afternoons. In the summer the sun doesn't set till almost 11PM and in winters it is dark by 4PM.

The look that I am going for for the back yard is something along the lines of a Wild Woodland Garden with plants of various colors, textures, and heights as well as plants that cascade over the retaining wall I am going to build. I want to feel as if I am hiding out in a secret clearing surrounded by big plants. Everyone likes flowers but I really have a thing for beautiful foliage all the time vs flowers that bloom some of the time. I have enclosed a couple of pictures to further explain the space.

I would like to use F. Robusta Campbell bamboo in the garden because I really find the culms beautiful. In the picture that shows all the plants you can get a feel for the type of look I am going for and where I was planning on putting the bamboo. The program I am using is just a trial version so its limited in the plants they have to decorate with but I filled it in to so people could get the gist of what I am going for. It should be noted that because of where I am certain plants, namely the types that have a trademark after their name might not be available here but common plants should be no problem.Ok enough of my blabbering. if you have any further questions let me know.

I appreciate you taking the time to consider this. I am new to gardening and i want to really make something stunning.

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