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Eleanor's VF-11 and Birds....

14 years ago

For those who have hoyas and birds...Eleanor called me this evening and she could hear my parrots in the background...she told me that she, too, has birds. She then went on to explain that a woman told her that her birds looked terrible and that she started to spray them with Eleanor's amazing improvement in both their plumage and in their, Eleanor did a test with hundreds of birds...and confirmed that spraying your birds often with the same mixture of VF-11 and temperature...would enhance their feathering and make them much happier. It's a long story that she told me...and I was thrilled, but am guessing that you may not be as thrilled as I am...but, thought I'd offer this as a suggestion for those of you with "feathered friends". I plan on starting the spraying tomorrow. Patrick

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