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New to hoya care: next step with this plant?

10 years ago

I was given this plant just over a month ago, when some friends moved out of state. I've wanted a hoya plant for some time, ever since I saw one growing in a friend's house that had tendrills many, many feet long and decorated the room similar to Christmas lights. I'm not sure what to do for this one. It seems to need a repotting, and I have no idea what is going on with this double-pot system. Maybe to keep the soil in the clay pot from drying out too much without the possibility of overwatering? I don't want to kill it!! I gave it a month to adjust to my home, but since ariving a couple of it's thick waxy leaves have yellowed and fallen off. It actually started to get some tiny new leaves near the base, but they have since fallen off. ANY suggestions how to repot, and thereafter make this thing happy would be appreciated. Soil type? Pot type? How much water/sun?

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