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What is this worm like insect eating my plant?

10 years ago

Hi everyone -

First of all - hope everyone is preparing for the storm! We used this weekend as an opportunity to test the generator, make sure we have emergency supplies, etc.

Onto gardening. Yesterday, my papaya plant was healthy. Today, all the leaves were gone. It's a young plant, and I thought it was strange the winds were that strong in the storm last night. I went to investigate, and found 2 green critters on the plant! They are 3-4 inches. all green with the exception of a brown spot on the head, and there is a pointy spike near it's tail. The bottom of the worm / caterpillar is similar to suction cups, and i had to really scratch them off from my plant (with a stick!). When they were on the dirt, they're pretty fiesty, as the movie below shows. I have plenty of other pictures if additional pics desired, please let me know.

I appreciate any help you can provide in identifying these guys- i want to protect my other 8 fruit trees!

Thank you in advance,


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