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Katie's roasted tomato soup and canning paranoia question

17 years ago

I made a batch of Katie's roasted tomato garlic soup last night--it was fabulous! It was intended for the freezer since some of the tomatoes were from blighted vines, so I didn't stress too much over ingredient amounts. However, I would like to can some, and the apparent flexibility in this recipe is making me sweat. I typically am obsessive about measuring the ingredients in canning recipes, not wanting to kill off my family. Well, most days I don't. :) Recipes that call for a number of tomatoes/veggies rather than poundage or # cups chopped make me anxious! I sit there wondering just how big those tomatoes should be...are my carrots or onions bigger than they should be...should I use 2, or 3 cups of chicken stock? What if I throw in a third head of garlic, will that kill everyone off?

Can anyone address my concerns and either reassure me that because of (insert canning safety guideline here) it doesn't matter much what I throw into the pot OR tell me that I'm taking my own life in my hands to tinker, and should strictly use X ratio of tomatoes to low acid veggies in this recipe? Third alternative is to tell me I'm a nut job and to get a grip, but that one isn't so highly preferred!



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