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New member Hello!

16 years ago

Hello, I thought I'd introduce myself. I've been a member and reading post for a while getting the feel of how the forum works. Some of you I reconize from another forum I'm on.

I live on a cattle ranch in Ks. I'm 55 and been growing plants forever.

I have orchids, succulants, tropicals, epi's, schlums, hatiora and Hoya. (I think that covered everything)

I currantly have around 60 Hoya and just ordered cuttings from D Liddle's.

My oldest Hoya is a carnosa I got 30 years ago and it's 5' tall.

I love to trade, it's such fun.

I now have setting buds Lacunosa, Serpens and Multiflora.

I can't wait for spring to get here so I can go on the hunt for new varieties.

I love seeing pictures of everyones plants and hope to be posting some of my own as soon as I figure out how.


PS I posted this earlier (I think on the wrong place) so I've moved it. Bear with me I'm new here!

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