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Help--pink flowering dogwood tree dying!!!

15 years ago

I am usually on the WS forum, but enjoy reading the Florida pages as I live in the Florida panhandle--Niceville, FL.

I am having trouble with my dogwood tree, see picture


I planted it about 3 months ago, it is planted in the shade. What is happening to it? I can't find any signs of bugs on it, and the leaves that are dying have no holes or anything on them. This is the first dogwood I have had as I am new to gardening.

I moved to Florida 2 years ago after retiring, and am having a wonderful time with gardening, but I don't know very much about it yet--I am learning though, reading all the msgs I can on the Garden Web.

Would appreciate any help you could give me about what to do for my tree.

Thanks, Jeane

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