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have: have: hoya plants to trade

15 years ago

These are ROOTED PLANTS, growing nicely!

Hoya DS-70 / tsangii

Hoya australis ssp. tenuipes

Hoya carnosa "Krimson Queen"

Hoya compacta

Hoya NO ID

Would like to trade especially for ANY dischidia, Hoya anulata, Hoya bella, Hoya cembra/odorata, Hoya diversifolia,

Hoya eitapensis, Hoya greenii, Hoya imperialis, Hoya lacunosa, Hoya magnifica, Hoya pauciflora, Hoya serpens,

Hoya thompsonii, Hoya vitiensis, or Hoya wightii var. palniensis.

I am also willing to consider other trades if it is something I do not have, but am interested in!

Thanks for your consideration!


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