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Oops--shortened canning time

10 years ago

While putting my final recipes and reviews in my cookbook software program tonight, I realized that I shorted my WBC times for my recent round of jams. Did cherry port, mango lime, and apricot vanilla in half-pint jars. Normally, I water bath for 20 minutes, but for whatever reason my brain didn't kick in and I only did 15 on these 19 jars. They were hot pack, and I am sure they were at the full boil for my altitude for the full 15 minutes, then a 5 min cool down with burner and lid off. There was plenty of space in the canner--they were not packed in, so plenty of water flow around them.

In Denver, so 5200 elevation, which normally has me adding 10 min for pints (and I do for half-pints normally too). Should I be concerned about these jams. Worth reprocessing? They all sealed well, though the mango did leak out a bit, the jars are still sealed. Or, are they probably okay because they were half-pints.

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