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WANTED: These Hoyas & Dischidias...

16 years ago

I got small cuttings of these last year and am looking for some more this spring to fill in the tiny pots:

D. gerii & D. ramosii

H. 'Iris Marie'

H. diversifolia v. crassipes

H. cv. 'Minibelle'

H. 'Mathilde'

H. heuschkeliana

...and one other that looks much like kentiana (or is it wayetii??) but the leaves are about half as wide. No, it's not shepherdii, either! (Ask if you want to see a pic...)

And here's what I have to trade:

H. australis ssp. sanae (a fuzzy-leaved australis)

H. australis ssp. tenuipes

H. carnosa rubra

H. curtisii

H. DS-70 (tsangii)

H. kerrii

H. obovata

H. polyneura

H. pubicalyx 'Splash'

D. ruscifolia

D. oiantha

Rhipsalis eliptica

It may be a couple weeks before it's safe to send out (we have about 8" of snow on the ground right now!), but I want to get a jump on my wish list.

Denise in Omaha

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