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10 things to do when the blooming stops

14 years ago

10 - Cry!

9 - See which are growing new baby fans and greet them into your garden. "hello little baby fan. I know you'll be happy here." Try not to be critical of the ones refusing to multiply.

8 - Gaze out at the garden and try to remember what it looked like a month ago. Try not to go back to #10.

7 - Decide that GREEN is really a very nice and relaxing color. Maybe if you say it to yourself enough times you'll start to believe it.

6 - Go over your wish list AGAIN and try to narrow it down to 200. At least put the REALLY good ones in capitals.

5 - Order those garden markers for the new ones you got this year!

4 - Make a list of those you could trade for next year or have enough of to give to family and friends.

3 - See #10.

2 - Neaten up the garden beds. Weed. Discard yellow or brown leaves. Compliment the ones that never give you a mess to clean up after. "Look at you! All strong and green! Why can't your friends be like that?!"


Order new daylilies!! It's sure to put off doing #10 for at least a little while! :)

What's your list?

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