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Agastaches as tonic herbs

16 years ago

Specifically Agastache foeniculum ("Anise Hyssop") and A. rupestris. I am seeking opinions on their merits as tonic (tisane, herbal tea) herbs, not having ever grown either before.

I know that A. foeniculum has a reputation as being a bit rambunctious. I suppose that's actually good because I will be able to use plenty if I am harvesting it regularly.

Is the scent pure licorice/anise, or does it also have minty overtones? I already have fennel, tho I suppose the Agastache might be more generous with leaves.

Anyone actually used A. rupestris? Seattle Tilth says it smells "like root beer", which I assume means wintergreen whereas modern rootbeers are wintergreen flavored. Sounds promising.

I am trying to assemble a list of good tonic herbs for my website and for personal use. One of my goals is to replace part of our consumption of store-bought tea (which is going up in price and down in quality!) with home-grown herbal tonics/tisanes. I suppose that some of my motivation, too, is just change of pace. It's nice to try something new.

(Ironically I DO have 2 tea plants...but at the rate they are growing, I'm not going to get as much tea out of them as we would normally actually drink).

Much obliged!

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