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best way to plant lavender

14 years ago


I'm looking for the most economical (and quickest) way to plant a couple of acres in lavender. This is on a hillside, in zone 8b (in the Willamette Valley, south of Portland, Oregon). Soils are well-drained, even though they do have a fairly high clay content (about 45% clay, 35% silt, 20% sand). The substratum (at about 4 feet) is fractured sand-stone, which probably explains the good drainage. The slope is moderate, aspect is south, with some south-east and south-west also. So this is full-sun, I'd say. I won't have irrigation, but there is plenty of rainfall from November to May (about 30-35 inches), and then summer & fall months are drier (little to no rain in July-September) but soils will hold some moisture at a depth of 2-3 feet. I would like to cover this area in lavender -- not for commercial purpose, mostly for esthetic purposes, so I'd allow it to grow as wild and as big as it can. I don't want to use chemicals, so I might do some weeding, but I'd rather think of it as a wild operation. So what is the most economical and fastest way to cover these couple of acres? I was thinking 'seed', to be economical. Do I 'winter-seed'? But can I 'winter-seed' enough of it for a couple of acres? Should I try to seed it in situ, on the hillside? Should I also consider layering (I think that's what you call bending and burying shoots so that they grow roots and propagate the plant) or use cuttings? Thank you for any advice you can impart.

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