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OT: Juliet Tomatoes and Yard Long Beans

11 years ago

We were talking about the Juliet tomatoes on my Tomato thread and I was saying how the Juliets are much bigger than the other grape type tomatoes. To prove it here is a batch of ones I picked called GRAPE wuth two Juliets and a quarter at the bottom for size compairsons.

The next picture shows Juliets and Vivia Italias, which are the size of Romas.

And now for the Long Beans. I just love these stir fried. In fact the only way I have eaten them so far. They taste great! But you have to pick them at the right stage. You get them slim, before any bumps show up in the pods. If you wait and get bumps the texture of the entire pod changes and they get rubbery and no good to eat. I left a bunch on too long before harvest on purpose to show them over ripe and no good for eating.

Long Beans for the compost pile! Do not let them get like this. See the bumps?

Some Red Noodle long beans I picked to eat. No bumps!

The red noodle with no bumps next too the green that is no good for eating wuth lots of bumps. The bumps are the beans inside swelling and growing.

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