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I'm a newbie. How do I take care of Italian Large Leaf Basil?

17 years ago

I've been meaning to get plants in my house for a while. I live downstairs and I can't breathe down here due to lack of ventilation. Even if it would just be a placebo, I figured plants would give me at least some fresh air. I went out and bought a couple of plants, and I ordered seeds of various plants I'm interested in growing.

All my growing will be done indoors. I will not be using HID lighting but might put up some flourescents if I see the plants suffering.

OK, first, I have Italian Large Leaf Basil. I love the scent of this and I want to propagate it and have it all over my house, to hopefully mask the current stench of old saturated cat litter.

Small pot with 6 stems, each having at least 5 leaves. The stems are becoming wood on the bottom above the soil. The leaves are mainly a rich dark green, 2-3 of them are yellowish, none brown, none have holes or anything on them. They feel a bit dry to the touch and look wrinkled, but nothing too out of the oridnary, at least not from a newbie's eye.

So what do I do now? Do I transplant this into a larger pot? What kind of mix do I use? Should I use any fertilizer, etc.. how do I make this grow bushier? Any and all tips are appreciated, thanks.

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