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oak tree disease?

We have a problem in our neighborhood that is wiping out gorgeous old oaks. I don't have an old oak. I do have a young one and one of my neighbors recently commented she thought I had the last oak in the neighborhood.

I bring this question to the forum after my neighbors have already called in several experts, including an arborist from Fairchild. No one can figure this out. One neighbor is taking out what was, until last year, the most gorgeous front yard oak in this neighborhood, a tree that had been carefully, and properly maintained, for decades. It shaded her house and was really planted too close a few generations ago, but she was so careful about the pruning that it was a lovely, open canopy over the house and never a danger - until now. Completely dead in a year.

(on another note, code enforcement told her she had to pay a mitigation fee to take down a DEAD oak - she's a sweet woman who has lived in the house for more than 30 years and she was just getting nowhere. We called a city commissioner and got it worked out because, of course, the city code doesn't require mitigation to take down a dead oak that is dangerous. Stupid bureaucrats.)

Anyway, anyone have ideas? The arborist from Fairchild suspected a fungus, but did not find one. I'd love to hear of a way to protect my young oak though it's not planted in a great place. And if there's nothing, I'm wondering if I should take it out now.

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