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Daylily and Garden Report

11 years ago

I am so pleased to see daylilies blooming out there today as I wasn't sure what would happen after the storm. But there they are and just look like nothing unsual had happened. I even see a rebloom scape blooming on CHERRY CREAM PIE which is one of my late bloomers and has never rebloomed before.

There are lots of twigs littering the yard but no big branches down around, hurray. My sunflower which was very tall (around ten feet) is toast and snapped down lying in the pathway and I will have to haul that away. The Butterfly Bushes all have some snapped branches which I will have to cut also but Butterfly Bushes grow fast anyway and always need trimming so no major problem.

I turned the power back on to my pump in the pond so the fountain is working again and I see fish swimming around so don't think they came to any harm.

Yesterday I put my porch furnature back out as I had hauled it all inside expecting much more wind than we actually got and thinking it might all blow away. Same with the patio furnature and hanging plants. Put them away and hauled it back out. Really I just did what they told us to do on the news. They were at first forcasting winds which they said could blow out windows so I was very worried. Fortunately the winds were downgraded by the time the storm arrived. Winds must have been bad enough as Long Island is a mess of downed trees and power lines. Fortunatly since I didn't loose power I can see all this on the news. I don't want to imagine what would have happened with am even stronger storm hitting us here in the NY area.

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