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boston baked beans

14 years ago

first of i have a few questions sorry but i dont have a lot of time to be on the computer so question # 1 Has anyone tried the recipe for boston baked beans (page 64) in the ball blue book? just wondering how they would be.

# 2 also i am going to bake them with the salt pork like the recipe says but can i take the salt pork out of there before canning? #3 i am making 3 batches which will give me 18 pints i know my canner can hold 20 pints at a time but i am not sure if canning 18 pints of baked beans at the same time is a good idea? (please dont be to hard on me i normaly just make things that require a boiling -water canner) :) also i am having a hard time trying to fit my presto canner model 0178 to fit right on my electric burner correctly any one else have this problem?

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