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wet, mucky yard -- need drainage solutions

15 years ago

hello all -- July in east-central Florida is monsoon season, and we have a drainage problem in our yard that is out of control. the st augustine grass looks beautiful, but when you step into the yard you *squish* into about 2 inches of muck.

we are in the midst of moving the rest of our belongins into this house and need to site a spa in our beautiful swamp -- :)

so, i'm wondering if anyone has experience with "drying-up a mucky yard." where do we start? do we need to re-grade, bringing in more topsoil? is there a drainage solution?

my thought on the spa is to prepare the site as if we were going to lay flagstone or pavers -- remove the soil, back-fill with sand, apply a layer of river pebbles and use a pre-fab spa pad on top of that in order to get the spa site on higher ground. the plan is to then build our deck around the spa.

any suggestions? any similar experiences?

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