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Raised Rock Bed-Ground cover?

15 years ago

We have an area with a rich soil and sand mix that was left over from what Den got free from work after they finished a large project. We used the majority of the medium when we created our front hacienda brick raised bed. Dennis just dumped the left over soil at the furthest corner of our yard and then picked up a lot of rocks around construction areas to keep the soil intact, about 2-3 feet above the swail. This area is in the lowest part of our yard. I am growing my Cherries Jubilee (from seed) in the center, surrounded by my bald cypress saplings (now about 2-3 feet)and Rickys Pride of Barbados (getting huge) red/yellow plant. The medium is about a 50-50 mix of sand and soil. There were a mess of some kind of fert pellets mixed in. Everything planted there is doing great...including large, hard to pull weeds. The area drains well and even in the driest of times, I don't water it. This area of our yard is the wetest in rainy season but like I said drains well. Is there a ground cover you could recommend that would help control some of the weeds?

Cheries Jubilee Alamanda-After I trimmed back everything a few months ago


The above photo was before I trimmed everything back. (and the ugly doggy poopie area of our neighbor-UGH!) The Ornamental Purple Fountain Grass looked like gonner, so I cut it back hard, and now it is coming up under the alamanda again. The cypress are doing really good now, too.

Pride of Barbados(Love it Ricky!!) I also have some yellow seedlings from Katkin in the whole mess as well.

Sure would appreciate any ground cover suggestions that will fill in but not take over and move down in the lawn. Thanks for your help!

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