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stella d'oro - I didn't know!

15 years ago

We got a basic landscape plan drawn out by a local nursery, which called for Stella d'Oros. We got them last month, and saw they had already flowered, but got them in the ground anyway.

This week the one plant has rebloomed! I did take a look around on the forums to find that these were rebloomers, I'm very pleased. Now I'm wondering about the reblooming.

I know its not always consistant, but is there a period of time in the year that I can expect them to rebloom (obviously, with the fall coming on they aren't going to get too many more chances). Is it often that they will bloom more than twice in a year?

I was a little dissapointed in their boring yellow shade, but excited that they have more than one chace to flower. I think I might see if the same nursery sells purple d'oro too (which I assume is very similar to the stellas, except for the colour).


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