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wanted: update: 2006 hosta secret swap

16 years ago

Everyone should receive an e-mail this evening with their Secret Pals information--if you don't receive one please let me know.

As a reminder, you have from 5/15-5/31 to mail your package to your Secret Pal. Please don't forget to e-mail me your delivery confirmation or tracking number.

Feel free to post what you receive on this thread. We'd all like to know!

Happy swapping! :-)

Comments (70)

  • kymmieann
    16 years ago

    Yay got my secret trade today (sorry I was delayed in getting it) from Lee aka Melati.
    They look perfect like you just took them out of the garden.
    The bad part is that we were going to do a trade earlier this year, he was given my name so we never did the trade I feel bad!!! Hey Lee still wanna do a trade?

    I recieved
    Karin- looks beautiful
    Knock Out- have wanted this one for a very long time!!!
    Katie Q-never really thought about this one.looks nice
    Xanadu-guess what I now have a hosta for every letter of the alphabet.
    Yellow Splash Rim-wanted this one
    Venessa-looked for this one on HL couldnt find it
    Medusa-a definate want!!!!!
    Allan P McConnell-on want list

    Again thank you Lee!!! Oh yea what is that little tree looking thingy? That was an extra surprise. Oh and my daughter loved the balloons!

    ps My package has to wait to go out til Friday.......going up North maybe up and over.

  • lori79
    16 years ago

    Wow Kymmi, what a haul!! You sure you have room for all them? haha

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  • Lee
    16 years ago

    That little tree looking thingy is Epimedium x Rubrum.
    Glad to completed your alphabetical collection :)
    Just search Venessa... I think its also called Munchkin ??
    Sure.. would love to trade.. let me know what you have available.. I got your name as my secret trade after I sent you email for a trade... thus have to get the secret trade out first LOL!! thats ok..
    And... Lee is a "SHE" LOL!!!!

  • dukegg1
    16 years ago

    Mine went out to Ohio today; should arrive on Wed.

  • flower_power_nc
    16 years ago

    Hi guys sounds like everyone has had fun.
    I sent mine out today,way up North, should receive Wed.

  • Cathgreen
    16 years ago

    Mine package is heading out this morning, going just a little bit South.... Hope my Secret Tradee (is that the right term??? lol) likes them!

  • garischa
    16 years ago

    Lynnda -
    I tried to send you a Thank you email yesterday, but it bounced. So, here is my public thank you instead! Great hostas!


  • lokigal92
    16 years ago

    I received my swap yesterday from goldfinchtn. She sent me some beautiful plants! I got Shazaam, Bright Lights, Feather Boa and Sun Power. Thank You so much Jan.

    My package went out yesterday.. It isn't going to far but it is to the North of me.

  • zztopsoil
    16 years ago


    Tell us What Great hostas You Received Please.
    Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

  • garischa
    16 years ago

    I had posted the photos and names above, I think yesterday. It was Fire Opal and Aphrodite.... Scroll up to my post from May 22, 06 at 9:22.


  • buff24
    16 years ago

    THANK YOU LORI79!! Today I received my hostas that Lori sent me. They're awesome! I don't have any of these, so this is great! I received Blue Cadet which must have 8 or 9 eyes, huge! I also received Gold Standard, which surprisingly I didn't already have (how could I not have this oldie-but-goodie yet?). I also received Lemon Lime, and an unnamed green mini hosta which is just lovely. It is rather upright similar to Praying Hands (not Praying Hands, though), and the leaves are nice and wavy. Anybody recognize it? Once I get it potted up I will probably post a pic of the unnamed green one on the discussions side of the house. See the picture below... I will be potting them up tonight!!

    Thanks again Lori!!

  • goldfinchtn
    16 years ago

    woo hoo, mine received and look what I got....Blue skies, Gold Drop and Riptide; none of which I already had. Thank you so much, Uli. They were very large and healthy looking. This was great fun! I wish I had time to post a picture but I have to go to work. They are really awesome.

  • amr0719
    16 years ago

    Received wonderful hostas, care instructions and homemade cookies from buff24. Wow, how can a person top that?!

    Received Carnival, Amber Maiden, Shining Tot

    Carnival was on my "wish" list and the others will be wonderful additions to my garden!

    THANK YOU BUFF24!!!!

    I havn't sent mine out yet, so I've learned alot about nice little extras to send along to help the secret trade receiver.

  • michiana
    16 years ago

    I receved my trade today! Mjjones433 sent 4 beautful hostas: Torch Light, Sugar & Cream, and Lakeside Kaleidoscope which were all new to me and Hadspen Blue which I love and was happy to get another. Thanks Mary, they arrived in great shape due to your great packing.

  • dbowemd
    16 years ago

    Thank you Petlover!
    I got my package yesterday, which had:
    1. Spritzer (Have it, love it, was planning to buy another one last weekend but passed when I saw the puny size available at the nursery... some coincidence!)
    2. Jester - New to me, have never seen this one before!
    3. Blue Cadet - Never have had one that I knew was correct, and never bought it either, so this is another one I needed! You were paying attention to that list! Now I can compare it to a couple of unknowns and Toy Soldier.

    Thank you so much Donna!


  • keithrnjd
    16 years ago

    I received my trade today from Jim in CT. I got very nice divisions of Iona and Morheim, neither of which I have.

    Thanks, Jim!!!


  • daisy_me
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    Wow! Everyone is getting some really great packages! You guys are going above and beyond the "rules" of the swap and making your secret pals very happy in the process. Such generosity! :-)

    Now I have to add my own great package to the list.....I received a box from Fenceberry yesterday and to say I was happy is an understatement! LOL! Fenceberry was peeking at my wish list because she sent 'Sea Thunder' which I've been wanting for a very long time, as well as a sport of it called 'American Sweetheart' which looks like it's going to be a real stunner. In addition, she sent me 'Hacksaw' (never heard of this one but LOVE the leaf shape), and 'Foxfire Bamm Bamm' which has instantly earned the title of the most interesting leaves now in my collection.

    Thanks to Fenceberry for a wonderful surprise!

    Hope everyone else continues to have fun with the swap. Remember to get your box into the mail by 5/31 (if you haven't already).

  • fenceberry
    16 years ago

    Glad the hostas arrived safely, Daisy Me, and that you are happy with them. Thanks for being such a great hostess!

  • twin_too
    16 years ago

    Talk about a great hostess, Daisy_Me had my name and sent me 5 great hostas, all new to me!! I got Dust Devil, Blue Skies, Regal Rhubarb, Moon River, and Candy Hearts.

    I've never seen or heard of these hostas before, but that's why I love these trades. I get the best hostas because someone else owns them and loves them. These usually become my favorites!!

    Thanks again Daisy_Me!!


    P.S. I dug and potted my tradees hostas, but I don't want them to sit at the post office over the holiday weekend. So, they'll go out first thing Tuesday.

  • mjjones453
    16 years ago

    Wow! I received my hosta trade today from Bukaeast! I was so excited to see Minuteman, Reptillian, Stained Glass, and Lakeside Black Satin. My minuteman did not make it through the winter, so I was excited to have it back! The others are new to me! All were in great shape and had great roots! Thank you again Bukaeast! I really appreciate what you sent me!

  • amr0719
    16 years ago

    OOPS - I was so excited to post about my wonderful package that I got the hosta names wrong! (I think I got distracted while snarfing down one of the gift cookies)

    Buff24 sent me Carnival, Rado Waves and Fair Maiden

    Again, thank you Bethany! You are a secret trade "extrodinaire"!!!!

  • Bonsai63
    16 years ago

    Got Mine Today!
    Do not know who sent it. No name or note. Return address said PCMG GardenWeb. They came from Michigan.

    I received
    Golden Tiara
    Feather Boa
    Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

    Thanks to who ever sent them. I like them all!!

  • fenceberry
    16 years ago

    Got mine today, too, and have them planted. Awesome divisions of Christmas Tree, Pearl Lake, Pineapple Poll and So Sweet!! I love the red pets on PP and have it planted next to Pineapple Upsidedown Cake. My secret trader didn't include a note either, but the return addy was from Dave in Iowa. So thanks Dave, I love each one and they are all new to my gardens as well!!

  • cindy528
    16 years ago

    I got mine today. Thank you Michiana, they arrived just fine. I received Kabitan and Stilleto to replace the two I lost. I also received Shiny Penny, Venusta, Lemon Lime, and Little Wonder. Thanks again Michiana, tomorrow is my birthday so its almost like a surprise birthday present lol.

  • pcmcg
    16 years ago

    Hey Bonsai63- glad you like them, I knew you were looking for smaller ones.


  • daisy_me
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    Just a reminder that TODAY 5/31 is the last day to mail your secret swap package.

    If you cannot make today's deadline for whatever reason please e-mail me as soon as possible (if you haven't already).

    Thanks again for participating! :-)

  • rozi11
    16 years ago

    I got my trade yesterday. It had been in the post office waiting for me. I was away. Everything was in great condition. Thank you Keithrnjd. I received Cheatin Heart, Lakeside Roy El and Moonlight Sonata. I don't have any of these so I am really happy. Thanks Sally, Roz

  • lynnda
    16 years ago

    Got my hosta Tuesday the 30th. I received Pearl Lake, Emerald Tiara and Abby. Didn't have any of them so thank you Debbie. I will enjoy them in my garden, and I like the Tiaras. I have a few and now might just have to get every one!!
    Thanks again

  • flower_power_nc
    16 years ago

    Hi Lynnda glad they finally made their way to you.
    Was worried do not know what's up with the post office.
    They were sent the 22. Glad they are ok.
    I am still waiting like a kid for Christmas Day.
    I beleive everyone has had fun. Thank you
    Daisy for hosting this Hosta Swap another year.

  • lgkovalcik
    16 years ago

    Got my wonderful box today from Granny57. She sent starts of Moonlight Sonata, Pizzazz, Anne, Snowflakes, and Pilgrim. Thanks so much!


  • lavendargrrl
    16 years ago

    I got my package from roz11 today - thank you so much! I got starts of Stiletto, Golden Tiara, Kabitan, Lemon Lime and Shaishu Jima. She also sent me Forget Me Nots and Lemon Balm - two self seeders. I've got everything soaking in water now :-)


    PS - my trade went out yesterday morning early USPS Priority Mail - sorry for the delay....should arrive on Friday.

  • badzoe
    16 years ago

    I would like to send a big thank you to Angela/Organicshadegardener for the two beautiful hostas that I received. Angela sent a Lancifolia and a Plantaginea, both of which I do not have. I mail out my secret trade on 5-30 and it should have been delivered to Lexington, TN yesterday. Thanks for the fun!


  • daisy_me
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    Those who haven't received yet--be patient. 5/31 was the last day to mail so yours could be on the way. I'm also following up with anyone who didn't send me a confirmation number, and anyone that I managed to lose their confirmation number, to check on the status. I'll keep you posted! ;-)

  • newhostaaddict
    16 years ago

    hi all....

    rec. my pkg today from lavendargrrl....

    she sent me nice specimens of anne arrett, satisfaction, fried green tomatoes, and olive branch....AND....a cute litte pot hanging bug....

    off to the garden i go to introduce them to their new friends....

    thank you MUCH angie....they look GREAT....

    thanks again to daisy for setting this all up....jill

  • gregory2327
    16 years ago

    Kimmie!!!!! I got it, I got it!!!! I am so happy. What a crappy day at work until I got my secret trade. I loved the care you took in wrapping each one and you made sure you sent hostas that I don't already have. Not to mention the extra goodies - name tags, garden trowel, and tropical scented cologn...I mean bug spray. Thank you so much!

    I got:
    Lemon Lime
    Ground Master
    and Holly's Dazzler

    By the way, has anyone told you that you write like a girl? I mean that in a nice way, honestly.


  • flower_power_nc
    16 years ago

    Hi all I got my package today. Christmas early.
    I received Lakeside Dragonfly from my want list...
    Feather Boa..wanted this one. I love it...and Dawns Early Light...pretty. Was wanting some new golden one's
    I Love them all...already in water
    Thank you so so very much.

    16 years ago

    received mine today also,from bonsai63 i got
    forest shadows
    dew drop
    both have atleast 4 or more eyes.
    thanks bonsai,now if it ever stops raining here ill get them planted.
    thanks again

  • paws4pets
    16 years ago

    Sorry Guys. Forgot to check here for updates. Got mine last week from spencer1400. Lakeside Shore Master and Emerald Tiara. Both are planted in a prominent spot in the front yard.
    Thanks so much. Camera on the fritz so hopefully pics soon.

  • daisy_me
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    Cindy528, if you're out there I've been trying to reach you via e-mail, I think my e-mails are going to your SPAM folder. :-( Nothing bad, no worries, but please get a hold of me and/or check your SPAM folder. Thanks!

  • granny57
    16 years ago

    Hi Dukegg1,
    I just wanted to publicly Thank You!!!
    You made my first time participating in the Secret Swap a wonderful experience for me.
    These are the Hostas I received from Dukegg1;
    Potomac Pride(((Wonderfully Huge)))!!
    September Sun((Very Pretty))
    El Nino((Really Nice))
    All in perfect condition and all nicely named and tagged.Thank You Again,I'm so glad I was able to be part of this swap!!And I look forward to doing it again!!
    This is my first time with your swap,And I'm so happy I was able to be part of it.Great Job!! And from everything I've read,Great People!!
    One of the most fun things I've done!!!!
    Todays Memories Are Tomorrows Treasures
    May You Have Many Yesterdays!!!

  • zztopsoil
    16 years ago

    ..."There Here"!
    I Received My Box Today(Sat) From Alexa(caliloo)!color>
    Yes Alexa My Box Landed Today While I was Helping Set-Up Our High School Graduation Ceremonies.
    What a Wonderful Hosta Box to Come Home and Open!

    Alexa Sent Me Wonderful Multiple Divisions of:
    Queen Josephine
    Radiant Edgercolor>
    Alexa Sent Me My Favorite Things Just Below Hosta Plants...
    HOSTA SEEDS!!!!!color>
    Alexa was Even More than Generous and Sent Me These Seeds to Grow-Out...
    Big Daddy
    Green with Envy
    Pearl Lakecolor>
    and...a Possible Streaky Selection of Seeds from...
    Korean Snow!color>
    As Soon as I Post This I am Off to Plant Hosta Seeds! :0)

    Alexa...I am in Hosta Hog Heaven!
    You are the Greatest!
    "Thank You ~ Thank You~ A Thousand Times..."Thank You"!

    Your Hosta Friend in Oregon,

  • indyrose
    16 years ago

    I received 3 VERY LARGE divisions - Honeybells, Guacamole, and August Moon - on Saturday from annzn5!

    Thank you, Ann! They'll be a welcome addition to my beginning collection!


  • Lee
    16 years ago

    Got my package from Deb,IL today... thank you so much Deb!
    she sent me some cute mini hostas .. and they are going to my new hosta bed tomorrow...
    Tot Tot
    Saishu Jima
    Emerald & rubies
    Pacific blue edger
    and a very nice size of Second Wind

    Thanks to Daisy_me for hosting the swap..

  • daisy_me
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    I want to post a Thanks to Badzoe from Hosta_Mom! Hosta_Mom is having some computer issues and is unable to post this herself, but wanted Badzoe to know that the package was received and it was wonderful. She got 3 hostas, Sun Power, Blue Cadet, & a no-ID one, plus 2 companion babies.

    Thanks again to Badzoe from Hosta_Mom! :-)

  • daisy_me
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    OK, I think I'm down to 1 person who may/may not have received a package--I'm trying to verify that now. Everyone else should have received a package or been notified by me that one is on the way.

    If you have not received a package or a notice from me, please e-mail me as soon as possible. I really want to make sure everyone is taken care of! :-)

  • caliloo
    16 years ago

    Wooo Hooooo!

    It's here!!!!

    The expression "Good things come to those who wait" could not be more true. I just got my package from Hosta_Mom and it is a winner!

    I opened the box to find 2 large clumps of Sedum Sarmentosum. Hosta_Mom says this is a great ground cover for shady spots - I can't wait to find out!

    The next thing I unwrapped was a gorgeous large Christmas Fern. Yay! Friends for my hostas! It will look awesome in the new bed. I only have hostas planted there right now and have been wondering which companions to put with them, now I know! LOL!

    After that came a nice sized Lady Fern. Whoopeee! More hosta friends! This new bed is gonna be gorgeous with all the new companions!

    And now for the hostas.....

    BLue Mouse Ears - this has been on my "want" list for oh.. I dunno... FOREVER! I have not been able to find it locally, and here it is!

    Also a nice sized piece of Lemon Lime. It is JUST what I need for my rapidly filling new bed - love the smaller ones you can tuck in and let them shine.

    Thanks ever so much for the fantastic swap box Hosta_Mom! I really really REALLY love them all!


  • caliloo
    16 years ago

    I also wanted to include a very special "thank you" to Daisy_Me for orgainizing the swap. You did an awesome job and have made a lot of people very happy!

    Thanks again!


  • bragu_DSM 5
    16 years ago

    Got mine! Thanks ever so much!
    H. Nancy Gill, H Dark Star and H. Crested Surf from Joel in SW Ia (sorry don't know your GW moniker)

    thanks a bunch!


  • organicshadegardener
    16 years ago

    Hi everyone! I just got back in town, so I may be the last one to update.... thanks to gregory2327 for the 5 varieties he sent, and thank you for the nice variety in color and in size!

    He sent:
    Blue Wedgewood
    Emerald Tiara
    Golden Tiara
    and and open polinated variety. : )

  • daisy_me
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    By now everyone should have received a package! If you have not, please, please, please contact me! I want to make sure everyone is happy, and at the very least it will let me know who didn't send and maybe shouldn't be allowed to participate next year (sad, but true).

    Thanks again to everyone for participating. It was lots of fun, and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves! :-)

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