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A few of my latest blooms

14 years ago

Well blooms have slowed down a lot around here in Maryland, but I do have a few that are blooming pretty late.

Siloam Tiny tim- thanks Juliet!

Dublin Elaine

Unknown pink double- sent to me as a gift plant from a seller on the LA

Autumn Wood- I just love this one, this is its first year in my garden. The colors are fabulous!

Savannah Debutante

Victoria Grace- I thought I had lost this one, but she bloomed for the first time today, very pretty flowers

I have been patiently waiting for this one all summer! Im so happy it bloomed this year. I picked it out at Marietta last season, its huge, and such a delicate shade of pink. The petals look like velvet. Siloam Jean Hogan-

Here is a bouquet of Cotillion Maiden, not my favorite as far as color, but it was showing off on this particular day.

Well just waiting on that rebloom cycle now! Lates are nice to fill in the bare portion of the season, although some of my late ones probably aren't supposed to be late, im just happy they bloomed this year! Hope you all enjoyed! -Jessica

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