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15 years ago

Westy asked on another thread where in Canada I live and about the mountains seen in some of my pictures. I thought it would be fun to show some pictures of this area. Unfortunately I don't have lots because I'm usually taking pictures of the garden. I hope to correct this soon because I decided to try to market a Salmon Arm Calander locally. We'll see how that goes. It made me realize I NEED TO BRANCH OUT!

Anyway, I live above Canoe which is on the outskirts of Salmon Arm. Salmon Arm is at the top of the Okanagan Valley (which runs into Washington State near Spokane). It is in the southern interior of BC between Vancouver, BC and Calgary, Alberta. This valley is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Salmon Arm is on the Shuswap Lake. This lake is shaped like a big 'H'. We are on the bottom right leg. There are miles and miles of coastline, much of it accessable only by boat. Houseboating is a big tourest attaction in Salmon Arm and particurarly in Sicamous (15 minutes east of here). There are about 20 thousand people here plus the suburbs (I could be out on this). The town has 5 traffic signals along the trans Canada hwy. which runs right through the center of town. The size is perfect and being 10 minutes outside of town is even better for me.

The mountains just to the east of us are the Monashee. One hour east is Revelstoke which is the begining of the Canadian Rockies. Skiing is big in this area (though not with me). Revelstoke is currently putting in the longest downhill ski run in North America and 4th longest in the world.

The hills seen in many of these pictures were originally the level of the land. The lake is an old volcanic lake. Mount Ida in the pictures is an old volcano and really is a mountain not a hill. I'm not sure about Mt.Bastion which is the subject of so many of my pictures. I don't really think it's tall enough to be a mountain. I live in an area called Lyman Hill which is a part of Larch Hills (home to popular cross country ski trails).

Canoe is just down at the bottom of the hill (one mile) and was the original settlement in this area. I think it's about 200 families, maybe more. I know in the elementary school which went from kindergarden to grade 7 there were 145 kids. There is a school, store, post office and pub. It is the swiming area for Salmon Arm since the Salmon arm bay is way to shallow.

Salmon Arm and the lake looking North West. This shows the west side of town - a part of Fly Hills and Gleneden.

The shallow bay

Salmon Arm Wharf looking north to Mt. Bastian

This is a man-made lake at the edge of town called McGuire Lake. There is a nice, flat, one mile walk around it.

There is a much longer nature walk along the shore to a nature preserve called Christmas Island. This is full of birds and other wildlife and really interesting I think.

This is on the nature walk

This was talken along the road I live on looking West toward Fly Hills in the distance. The middle area is called North Broadview. It's a peninsula sticking out into the lake. There are farms along it with a view from either side of the road. One looks East toward where I live and one looks west toward Salmon Arm. I often come home this way.

Eastern view from North Broadview toward Larch Hills

A bit closer view. The topmost green field with the house barely seen at the top is my nearest neighbor about 1/4 mile away. These are the people with all the lamas and horses. I live aproximately where the dark tree trunk is to the right of the smoke. There is nothing up behind us as far as Sicamous and Mara Lake

These next pictures were taken of the mountain that is a mountain - Mt. Ida. The first is from North Broadview looking south.

This is midway up Lyman Hill

This was taken from my road.

This is from the road looking down at the village of Canoe. That is North Broadview sloping down from the left.

Canoe Wharf at water level

Looking West from the Wharf

Looking East from the warf. Lyman hill in the distance.

A Nice shot of Shuswap Lake

I hope some of you will want to share your town/city/street

pictures. McT, Myrle

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