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What are your Tips, Tricks, and Wives Tales for Harvesting?

15 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I lurk here but I think I've only ever posted once. I don't know much about canning but I'm slowly building my courage to try it.

Anyway, things are beginning to ripen in my garden. I've occasionaly run across snippets of info from time to time regarding little things to do, or times of day to harvest, in order to maximize the flavor of vegies. Not specifically for canning, mind you, just for best flavor to eat or can, etc.

For ex., most herbs here in TX anyway, seem to be best when harvested in the a.m. I read something about tomatos once, but can't remember if it was best picked in a.m or p.m. And, I just read today that too much manure, erratic watering, and NPK deficiencies can lead to bitter cucumbers.

I would love to hear about your experiences, stuff your grandparents said to do, etc. I find that sort of thing interesting reading and hope you all will too. Plus, now that I'm picking things, or close to it, I keep wondering about the things I don't know! lol

Please share, and thanks for all the wonderful posts you guys contribute to.

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