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Blooms for Thursday

9 years ago

Posting late.. I did a major weeding today, and didn't feel as tired after that.. That's because we are having some very good weather, not hot at all and low humidity! Great for working in the yard (except for bugs..).
Also, I just returned from liveheading. Daylilies looking good! Yes some dark ones faded, but light ones and even some dark ones were looking very good in comparison with how they usually look. So I guess humidity is the culprit. They usually look just awful, all of them.

Anyway, ten from today:

Russian Easter, FFO - quite tall this year, same height as Beautiful Edgings, 40-43"

Chris Salter, a 2-bud wonder :D


and another NOID next to it, one of FFO; this one is very tall, to my chest; looked as good as new after 8pm - a miracle :)

FFO on Yellow Titan - I was as excited today as last year when I first saw this huge bloom

It has 5 scapes with 23 25 25 and 13 buds

Katrina Heroes - FFO; another with 3 buds or so :s
This one was sick last year and didn't bloom

Golden Tear Drops - FFO

Tahitian Waterfall - FFO

Neal Berrey - FFO

Linda's Magic - was one of the tree casualties last year and didn't bloom; I forgot how big the flower is

The weather may be nice here but we really need rain. Some of my daylilies unfortunately are dropping buds. And, though we are not in drought yet, one daylily is showing exactly the same signs as those that rotted last year. It's half gone already. I hope this thing won't turn into some kind of 'northern rust' thing.

Thanks for looking!

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