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How do you use herbs in an external medicinal way?

16 years ago

Most threads on this forum pertain to growing herbs and not much to using them medicinally in every day life. I know that is what the herbalism forum is for, but if you read some of the threads on that forum they are pretty out there (sorry, I don't mean to offend anyone). This past week I've been doing a lot of weeding in the evenings and I'm not one to use alot of bug spray if I can help it. I usually plant a lot of pennyroyal in my beds as a natural bug repellent but because my pennyroyal didn't grow back and I couldn't find any at the nursery it didn't get planted so I've had to work in my gardens at my own risk. Needless to say I have been eaten nearly alive, the bites have been very irritating (itching so that I couldn't sleep). I tried every over the counter remedy I could think of until I attended a class on herbs and it dawned on me that there were herbs just for this so I searched my database and found that though comfrey wasn't actually listed for bug bites it was known for it skin healing properties. So I took a couple of fresh medium size leaves and mashed them and then put the green pulp on the bite, covered it with a piece of gauze and wrapped an ace bandage around it for the night. It worked so good I made another...I guess you could call it a poultice...and held in place with a large bandage for work and so far no itching and the redness in the center is gone.

I know there are many common "external" medicinal uses for herbs but since we are so used to running to the pharmacy I thought this might be a good forum to get out how others use the herbs they grow in simple external medicinal ways.

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