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Help with Bread and Butter Pickle Recipe

15 years ago

Hi there! I have looked high and low for my canning notebook and can't find it anywhere. It contained all my favourite canning recipes as well as my notes on bulk quantities , yields, etc. I hope it turns up some day but in the meantime I am trying to replace the recipes.

I have been able to replace most of the recipes as many had been given to friends or I had gotten from friends and some from right here, like Annie's famous salsa and Habenero Gold Jelly!

However no luck on my Bread and Butter recipe. You'd think after 25 years of making them I would know it by heart. I'm fairly certain of the ingredients but can't recall quantities. Here are the ingredients. Does anyone have a similar recipe that could help me out with quantities. I'd be very grateful

Sliced cukes

sliced onions

sliced red and green bell peppers

These three are layered with pickling salt and ice and let sit for 3 hours or more.


Cider vinegar


mustard seed

celery seed


I don't think I used pickling spice, pretty sure I didn't.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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